02 September 2014

Shrimp Car

My son loves shrimp, so I decided to pack some up in his car shaped lunchbox.  I only have one lunch to share today since my daughter bought lunch at school today.  Being able to buy hot food at school is a new phenomenon to my Kindergartner and she is enjoying it for now.

In this bento:  Annie's cheddar bunnies, shrimp, baby carrots, and red grapes.  He also had a Stonyfield yokids strawberry yogurt tube.

Items used today:
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  1. Does one ice pack keep it cold til lunch?

    1. Hi Mel,
      Normally I do use just one ice pack and it keeps the lunch cold for us. In this lunch the shrimp was actually frozen and I wanted it to thaw before lunch, so I used the frozen shrimp and the yogurt tube (which was also frozen) to keep this lunch chilled.


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