16 April 2015

Simple Star Wars Bento

Today was a big day for Star Wars fans!  The annual Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Anaheim & the trailer for the new Star Wars film "Star Wars:  The Force Awakens" was released today.  The film is scheduled to debut in December.  In light of all the Star Wars activities, I made an easy Star Wars themed bento lunch.

In this bento:  Rice, bean, and cheese burrito - cut in half to fit into the lunchbox.  The bottom half is held together with a Yoda cupcake pick.  Star fruit, pineapple chunks, grape tomatoes, and a hard candy finish off this bento.

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14 April 2015

April 2nd is Autism Awareness day, I missed it since it was so close to Easter this year.  *But* the whole month of April is designated as Autism Awareness month.  So in spirit of this month I packed up a puzzle piece lunch for my youngest.

In this lunch:  Puzzle piece shaped fairy bread (bread, peanut butter, drizzle of honey, & sprinkles), cheese stick, watermelon puzzle pieces, rolled up ham on puzzle picks, and spring salad mix.  I also packed ranch dressing in a small sauce container, but forgot to put it in the box before I took the photo.


I just happen to have an extra Lunch Punch - Match & Munch set.  Since the puzzle piece is the symbol used to represent Autism, why not give this set away during Autism Awareness month.  This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on Friday 4/17/15.  Winner will be chosen using random.org.

To be entered into the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment stating how you first found my blog (Pinterest, Google, Facebook, a friend?).  Check back here this weekend as the winner will be announced on Saturday.

L.A. Mama is the winner!!  Please email me at Anna@becomingabentoholic.com.  Congratulations!

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09 April 2015

Monbento Kids' Line Review

Monbento recently released their new kids’ line.  They sent the new Monbento Tresor and Gram to me for review.  My favorite feature of this new line is the outside latches, allowing kids to easily open these boxes without assistance.  The Tresor box is sized more appropriately for a child’s meal versus the original.  The Tresor is a multi layered box with three different compartments.  One larger compartment on the bottom which has a capacity of up to 450 ml for the main course and two containers on the upper level for sides, each container can hold 150 ml.  The upper containers are not leak proof, but when the box is latched closed the box lid keeps the inner container lids in place.  However, I would shy away from packing yogurt or apple sauce in these containers.  Both of the boxes come with five interchangeable circular tabs to decorate your monbento.  If you check out monbento's website, they have added an option to download and customize your own tabs and print them out at home. 

I packed lunch for my daughter in the Tresor.  It contains - crinkle cut cucumbers, sliced strawberries, and a bean, rice, & cheese burrito.  I decorated the burrito with a sheet of baran.

The Monbento Gram is a snack size box.  It holds a capacity of 600 ml.  Great for snacks on the go and small enough to tuck in to a backpack or purse.  It also works great as a Thermos accompaniment.

My son's lunch - leftover pasta, garlic bread, and apple chunks.

The new monbento products are sleek and modern in appearance as expected from it's predecessor.  They do not have the soft touch finish on the outside that the MB original has. The Tresor and Gram are available in four different colors:  blueberry, banana, kiwi, and raspberry.  They are BPA free and microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.  We give the new kids' line two thumbs up!

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06 April 2015

Spider-Man ~ mini corn dog bento

Lunch with the Amazing Spider-Man.  While packing this lunch I could not help but hum the Spider-Man song by Michael Bublé.  Such a fun song!

 In this bento:  Mini corn dogs (see previous post on how to make these), blackberries, apple slices, baby carrots, and blueberries.

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02 April 2015

Easy Easter Egg Lunches

Creative lunch packing does not get any easier than this.  Put bite sized food in plastic Easter eggs for a fun spin on lunch.  The kids will be surprised and excited to see what each egg contains.  I borrowed this idea from Creative Fun Food.

On the left are three salami on whole wheat bunny shaped sandwiches.  On the right are the plastic eggs full of surprise foods.  The eggs hold blackberries, cheese crackers, grape tomatoes, and red grapes.

My daughter's lunch contains a Capri Sun lemonade, blackberries, red pepper rings, red grapes, cheese stick (cut in half), and in the remaining 3 eggs are salami and tortilla roll ups.

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01 April 2015

Onigiri Peeps

Peeps for lunch?  Why not?!  A little Easter twist on classic onigiri.

In this bento:  yellow pepper rings, baby carrot, strawberries, and peep (bunny and chic) shaped onigiri (rice ball).  I also packed a small container of black beans - not pictured.  I shaped the rice using a peep silicone mold that I found last year at Michael's.  I painted the rice with Chocolate Craft natural food color and used the black bean tidbits for the eyes and nose.

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April Fool's Day

Does this panda bento look delicious??  Well, actually it was but in a different way.  This is not actually a bento lunch but a candy kit that you can make to look like a bento.  I received the Popin' Cookin' bento kit for Christmas and the kids and myself made it while they were home over the Christmas holiday.  I thought it would make for a fun April Fool's Day post :)  My kids did eat this bento.  They shared it and enjoyed tasting the different candies that we made.  I was too chicken to try it.

Since all the directions are written in Japanese I turned to YouTube for a little help.  I only had one kit and I wanted to be sure we did not mess anything up.  Since I have a million bento boxes, I found a small one in my stash that worked quite well for the candy bento kit.  It turned out better than I expected!!

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