19 September 2014

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy!  Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  O' course we celebrate t' way we know best......with pirate themed lunches.  

In this bento:  Banana "treasure map", edamame, Cheez-Its, "pirate" babybel cheese, rolled up pastrami, and yogurt covered raisins in the "treasure chest".

In this bento:  A "Jolly Roger" stamped sandwich, green grapes, baby carrots, and yogurt covered raisins in the "treasure chest".

The sandwich was stamped with this set of Williams Sonoma skeleton cutters and packed in our Ugly Children's Clothing lunchbox.

Thar are many more pirate lunches to be seen, click t' button below.  Ahoy matey!

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16 September 2014

Simple Pita Bento

We are shaking up the sandwich routine and substituting other options when we can.  A pita is a great sandwich substitute that is kid friendly and delicious.

In this bento:  Half a pita with chicken, ham, sprouts, mushrooms, olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Broccoli, cheese sauce for dipping in the Woodstock container, cherries, and figs finish out this lunch.

This lunch is packed up in our Alice in Wonderland Paperchase box that was sold at Target a while back.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any Paperchase products at Target recently :-/

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14 September 2014

Road Construction

This bento was inspired by the bagel which, to me, looked like a graveled road.  I added a couple of picks and a "stop" sign and voilĂ  we have a road construction themed bento.

In this bento:  "The road" is a cheese and red pepper bagel with cream cheese inside, salami, a Babybel cheese "stop sign", plums, red pepper, and baby carrots.  Dump truck and caution cone picks were added to finish up the road construction theme.

The bento box is a Circo robot lunchbox from Target.  The caution cone came with one of my son's toy trucks.  The truck came with several road signs and the caution cone.  I bought the set at the Dollar Tree.  I glued a plastic pick to the caution cone and now it is a bento pick :)

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12 September 2014

Make your own Fajitas - Leftovers on Fridays

My daughter's favorite type of bento lunches are the "make your own" kind.  Today I packed her a fajita version.

In this bento:  Red pepper strips, marinated chicken, tortillas, shredded cheese (in green container), and black olives.

A small yellow plastic spoon is also tucked into the lunchbox.

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 Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.

Leftovers on Fridays

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10 September 2014

School Picture Day

Today was school picture day at my daughter's elementary school.  She did not want what was on the menu at school for lunch so I made her a "picture day" bento to enjoy.

In this bento:  Baby carrots, green grapes, snap peas (I cut open the top one to resemble a toothy grin), and camera shaped turkey sandwich with pepperoni accents.

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09 September 2014

DIY Lunchables {His & Hers}

His & Hers DIY Lunchables

Different versions of the same lunch using the same layout with a couple of food items switched for individual kid preference.  

In this bento:  Red pepper rings, Laughing Cow cheese, Club crackers, salami deli meat, and nectarine slices.

In this bento:  Orange and yellow pepper rings, Club crackers, salami cut from a salami stick, cheese stick pieces, and green grapes.

Items used today:

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