16 April 2014

Bunny Bento

A bunny sandwich hopped into our lunch today.

In this lunch:  Bunny sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, Trader Joe's sesame honey cashews, black olives, strawberries, cucumber slices, and a carrot shaped chocolate.  You can't truly have and Easter bento without chocolate!!!

The cookie cutter I used for the sandwich was found in the Easter section at Walmart this year.

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15 April 2014

Easter Egg in Noodle Nest

Tuesday evening is now soccer practice.  After shuttling everyone around it does not leave much time for making bentos.  So, a quick lunch with a few fun Easter accents for tomorrow.

In this lunch:  Corn on the cob, a hard boiled egg (all decorated for Easter) in a "nest" of low mein noodles, watermelon & cantaloupe balls, cucumber slices, and Annie's chocolate chip bunny grahams.

*The bunny pick was found at the Dollar Tree.

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14 April 2014

Bernie Rabbit

Today's lunch was inspired by Bernie the rabbit the mascot of Annie's Homegrown.  I saw "flat Bernie" on the back of our bunny grahams (see photo near bottom) and had to make him (or her ?).  I originally had some Easter decorations in this lunch but decided against them and just went with the Bernie theme :)  

In this lunch:  Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), lightly steamed cauliflower, cheese sauce for dipping in the little bunny container, watermelon Bernie with cucumber tail (held together with a toothpick), a strawberry, Annie's cheddar snack mix, and Annie's bunny fruit snacks.

Source of inspiration and template that I used for the watermelon.

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13 April 2014

Hatching Baby Chicks Bento

It is the week before Easter.  We will be sharing all of our fun Easter themed lunches this week. Starting off with one packed up in our Laptop Lunches lunchbox.

In this lunch:  Easter egg sandwiches (one has turkey, the other has ham) on top of edible Easter grass, baby carrots, yellow cherry tomatoes, bunny shaped cucumbers, a bunny shaped hard boiled egg, goldfish, egg shaped watermelon, and baby chick cantaloupe hatching from a few of the watermelon eggs.

*I bought the Easter egg cookie cutters with stamps at Williams-Sonoma.

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10 April 2014

Leftovers on Fridays - Tortellini

Tortellini leftovers packed up in our yubo lunchbox.  We love our yubo and want you to have an opportunity to have one too.  Enter here for a chance to win your favorite yubo lunchbox design.

In this lunch:  Baby carrots, edamame, salt for sprinkling on edamame in bunny bottle, radishes, Cheez-Its, tomato sauce with oregano sprinkled on top, pesto tortellini, and Parmesan cheese in the frog bottle.

Items used today:

 Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.

Leftovers on Fridays

Thanks for sharing your awesome leftovers with us!!
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09 April 2014

Spring Flowers

April showers bring......a PlanetBox of flowers.

In this lunch:  Flower shaped hard boiled egg (I cut the middle out to expose the yolk), baby carrots, radishes, Trader Joe's chocolate sunflower seed drops, Tulip and daisy shaped turkey sandwiches, kiwi slices, and Annie's bunny grahams.

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