23 October 2014

Halloween continues - Bat Egg & Spooky Pasta

The countdown to Halloween is nearing an end.  I still have many Halloween themed bentos to share so we better get to it.

First up a bat egg with a side of popcorn.

In this bento:  Buttered popcorn with Halloween sprinkles, raspberries, bat shaped hard boiled egg, and kiwi berries.

Next we have spooky pasta.

In this bento:  Thermos - spooky pasta (from World Market) in vegetable broth with mushrooms and crinkle cut carrots added.  On the side there are orange slices, pumpkin shaped carrots, and strawberry slices.

Next week will be packed full of Halloween bentos here on the blog,  don't miss it!

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21 October 2014


Boo!  A ghost lunch for my boy.

In this bento:  Green grapes, Boo chips from Whole Foods, ham ghost sandwiches, and a little cheese stick ghost peeking out on the bottom.

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19 October 2014

Pumpkin Bentos

Last week was a short school week due to fall break, now we are back to regular schedule and I have two packed lunches to share with you today.   We visited the pumpkin patch on Saturday, so pumpkin themed bentos for the kids it is.  First up is pumpkin pizza.  Not literally!  It's a make your own pizza on pumpkin shaped pita bread lunch.

In this bento:  Crinkle cut purple carrots, tomato sauce with a sprinkle of oregano, black olives, pumpkin shaped pepperoni, a strawberry, shredded cheese, and pumpkin shaped pita bread.

Next is the Jack-o-lantern and spiders bento for my boy.

In this bento:  Ham & cheese jack-o-lantern sandwich, apple slices, Cheez-Its, and crinkle cut purple carrots.

The jack-o-lantern sandwich cutter I found at Walmart last year.

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16 October 2014

There's a fly in my popcorn

It has been an interesting week at our house.  Nothing has really gone as planned.  I for one am glad Friday is here!  A big tin of popcorn arrived at our door this week and I am putting it to good use in our bentos.  First one, "there's a fly in my popcorn!"

In this bento:  Crinkle cut carrots, ham, apple slices, raspberries in a spider cup, and cheddar popcorn with a fly on top.

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