25 March 2014

"The Giving Tree" - A Storybook Bento

March is national reading month, so it is about time I did some sort of book themed bento.  On top of that, I recently got a Laptop Lunches bento box and they have been sharing different storybook bentos all month long.  I certainly could not let that opportunity go to waste :)

We just bought "The Giving Tree" a few days ago and have been reading it every night since we got it.  In case you have never read the book I will summarize.  It is a story of a boy and a tree.  The tree loves the boy.  The boy loves to play, climb, swing, eat apples etc. in the tree. But, as the boy gets older he spends less time with tree and comes to visit her only when he needs something.  In the end, the tree gives all of herself to the boy until she is just a stump.

In this lunch:  Broccoli and potato wedges as "The Giving Tree",  chocolate chip stuffed raspberries as the apples, cheese sauce for dipping the broccoli, heart shaped cucumbers to represent the hearts the boy carved into the tree, s'mores goldfish in an apple container (this one is a little bit of a stretch, but in the story the tree gives her trunk for the boy to build a boat with.....boat, ocean, fish...like I said a stretch), stuffed grape leaves with leaf picks because the boy loved to play with the tree's leaves, and a cheese stick which does not tie in with the story at all.

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