07 February 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

Opening ceremonies are happening today for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  I always look forward to watching the figure skating, so that is what I focused on for this bento lunch.  This lunch is part of a lunch blog hop so when your are done here, hop on over to the next participant to check out more Olympics themed lunches.

In this lunch:  Broccoli, black olive Olympic rings, pineapple rings, a blackberry, red pepper "2014", and a ham sandwich with an ice skate carved into the bread.

The carved bread idea came from Keeley McGuire blog and her Nine Ladies Dancing lunch.

Did you notice that I subtly used all the Olympic ring colors today?  Blue background, yellow pineapple ring, black olives, green broccoli, and red pepper ;-)

Now hop on over to Summer Mum and see what Olympic goodness she has cooked up!

If you are looking for the Leftovers on Fridays link up click here.

Items used today:
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  1. Love the carving of the ice skate!

  2. Awesome lunch! The red pepper "2014" is striking against the pineapple.

  3. So cool! Love the carved bread, that is amazing!

  4. Love the way your carved the bread!

  5. What a creative way to use that bread! This is perfect for Fancy Sandwich Friday!

  6. Love the skates n how u added in the Olympics ring colours.


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