13 December 2013

The Nightmare before Christmas

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Hmmm...what could I make for lunch that is spooky and Christmasy at the same time???? The Nightmare before Christmas ;-)

Left box:  Leftover rice, American cheese moon, nori, green grapes, and red pepper bows.

Right box:  Leftover black beans and a piece of a cheese stick for Jack Skellington's head.  The skeleton was the "stick" of a Halloween sucker.

Items used today (affiliate links):

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Leftovers on Fridays


  1. LOVE your lunch! We love that movie!

  2. I noticed your comment over at Opal's blog and thought I would stop by! I see you have a Leftovers On Friday Linky! I participated! Great Weekly Meme! Thanks for hosting it! Between you and Opal - I'm getting more intrigued by Bento...hum....

    Your dish looks amazingly fun and cute, btw!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! So fun to see you making bento now :)

  3. Such a clever use of the sucker skeleton! I think we may have one of those laying around somewhere, too!

  4. Such an awesome lunch,love it!

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!


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