17 November 2013

A Rafter of Turkey

I have seriously been slacking on Thanksgiving themed lunches and it is high time that I get them started!  I just learned something new tonight.  I had to google what a group of turkeys is called and I found out it is called a rafter.

Top left:  Fresh pineapple chunks.

Bottom left:  Broccoli florets.

Bottom:  "Turkeys" made from Trader Joe's chicken cilantro mini wontons and carrots.  To make the turkeys I used my peeler and shaved off a piece of carrot.  I used scissors to get the shape I liked, then I punched eye holes with a coffee stirrer.  The heads are secured to the bodies with an uncooked piece of angel hair pasta.  Pretzel sticks and cheese sauce in the green cup finish off this lunch.

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  1. I love those mini wontons. Such a cute & creative way to make a turkeys!


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