26 November 2013

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It is just not Thanksgiving without a little bit of Charlie Brown and Snoopy!  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

In this lunch:  Leftover lemon chicken & rice soup, Thanksgiving turkey shaped toast, a clementine, and popcorn shaped cucumbers. The turkey is on top of a "serving platter" (plate from this set).   I cut the turkey freehand out of the heel of my sourdough loaf then toasted it to give it a roasted look.  The turkey legs are "glued" on with a little butter. I added bone picks to the legs for a more realistic look. 

See you back on Monday, have a great holiday :)

Items used in this lunch (affiliate links):


  1. Wow! I love this lunch. Amazing job on the turkey toast!!!

  2. Turkey toast??! Genius! It's a good thing I read the description or I'd still be staring at it trying to figure out what that was! I mean - it really looks like a mini turkey and I'm like, "where would you find such a thing?!" That is totally adorable Anna.

  3. That is amazing happy thanksgiving

  4. Very good looking "turkey" you have there.... just like the real thing.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  5. Perfect for today, it's Mr Schultz's birthday!

  6. Crazy amazing! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. OMG! Snoopy & Charlie Brown!! Where can I get those, wonder if they are still around? I am seeing this now (2015), sent here from Keeley McGuire's blog.

    1. Hi, Michelle they are vintage and hard to come by. That being said, there are new Snoopy & Woodstock cupcake rings out this year. You can buy them on Amazon.


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