13 October 2013

Ghost lunch

I have been seeing a number of fun ghost lunches lately.  I took inspiration from a couple of my favorites and combined the ideas into this lunch.

Top Box:  Ghostly peanuts (faces drawn on with a sharpie), pepperoni, sugar snap peas, and baby heirloom tomatoes.

Bottom Box:  Mini pizzas made with and English muffin (cut in half) tomato sauce, oregano, ghost shaped mozzarella cheese, and black olive details.

Sources of inspiration:

Ghost peanuts - Kitchen fun with my 3 sons

Ghost mini pizza - Bento school lunches

I cheated with the pumpkin faces!  I used my photo editor to place the jack 'o lantern faces on the tomatoes.  My food markers will not write on the tomatoes.

Same or similar items used in this lunch (affiliate links follow):
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