14 May 2013

Monbento Bento Box Review

Well, I could not resist doing a French (which turned into Paris) themed lunch for this review of the French monbento bento box. 

Left Box:  Pita bread with shredded pork inside and Trader Joe's edamame crackers on the side.  I used my Eiffel tower toast stamp on the pita bread.  It did not show up very well so I decided to paint over the bread with my new natural plant based powder food coloring.

Right Box:  Watermelon Eiffel tower on top of blackberries, sweet potato coins, cucumber slices, and watermelon "Paris"

The Review

The monbento box that I received is a 2 tier box.  Each tier holds 500 ml.  This is plenty of room to pack food for all ages.  If your child is still small as mine is use the single tier only and as they get older and require more food add the second tier.  There are seven pieces in the box:  a top lid which can hold utensils and a napking, 2 intermediary lids to keep the tiers airtight, 2 box containers (aka tiers), 1 divider, and 1 elastic band to hold the lunch box together.  Both of the intermediary lids have vent hole plugs that can be removed for microwaving your lunch.  The box is microwave and dishwasher safe.  The outside of the box is a "soft touch" plastic.  The lunchbox is BPA free.  The inside has been stain resistant for me, however, the outter "soft touch" plastic does stain.  I have a small blackberry stain on the outside of my lunchbox.  I would recommend buying one of the colored boxes to help camouflage some of those accidental stains on the outside of the box.  The monbento is designed in France but made in China.  There is a (funny to me) disclaimer in the pamphlet that the product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children.  However, my four year old has been using it and remains unharmed :-)

Overall, we love our monbento.  I can use it for my kids or it can be used for myself or my husband. We give it two thumbs up!  You can see the other lunches I have packed in our monbento here

Monbento is actually hosting a giveaway right now and from what I can decipher from the rules written in French it ends on September 13th.  They are giving away one iPad and 100 bentos in celebration of launching their new app.  Click the button below to enter!

*I did receive a monbento box in exchange for this review.  All product information is from their website or product pamphlet and all opinions are based on my own use of this product.

What I used to make this bento.

Monbento bento box.  Monbento.com

Alphabet cutters.  Michaels

Fred and Friends Eiffel Tower toast stamp.  Amazon

Eiffel tower cutter.  Bento USA

Natural plant based food coloring.  Chocolatecraftkits.com

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  1. Love your theme and lunch! Your watermelon Eiffel tower looks amazing on top of the blackberries.

  2. Qui love it! Nice tie in of themes and review. Not only are the boxes gorgeous but the design inside of the food!!

  3. What is the difference between the model with a black band and lining and the grey band with lining?

    1. If it says Monbento original then there is no difference. The MB original comes in many different color combinations.

  4. I am struggling to get the lid open on my original without sending food flying? Any advice. Just received my order and feeling disappointed I can't find an easy way to open the lids

    1. Hi Shaolin, The inner lids of the Monbento are designed to be airtight. However, you should not have to use so much force to open the box that your lunch flies out!! I hold the bottom with one hand then grasp the tabs on the inner lid and it pulls off without too much effort. Things to try - when you are putting the lid on be sure the vent is already closed. If you place the lid on with the vent open and then close it after the lid is placed it creates a small vacuum and makes it tougher to get the lid off. Another thing to try is opening the vent plug before attempting to remove the lid. If the lid is still hard to remove I would call Monbento customer service because that is not normal.


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