29 April 2013

Bento & Co Contest - Matryoshka dolls

Bento & Co is just wrapping up their 2013 international bento contest. This year's challenge was to make a pasta bento.  A few of the Bento Bloggers & Friends entered the contest.  Sadly, none of us made the cut to be finalists.  As a consolation, we are doing a blog hop and sharing all of our entries. 

Left Box:  A mix of Italian pasta with pasta sauce on the top portion.  The doll's face is a lasagna noodle cut into a circle.  The face details include:  black olive hair, black bean eyes, and a red pepper mouth.  Small carrot star bursts are scattered on the lower portion of the doll for added decoration.

Right Box:  Strawberries, mango, carrots, cucumbers, yellow pepper rings, yellow sunburst tomatoes.  The face details include:  cucumber hair, raisin eyes, and carrot mouth.

I packed extra sauce in a cup and decorated with a matryoshka doll pick. (see below)

Click the button below and hop on over to Oh! Bento and see Keith's pasta bento entry.
What I used to make this bento.
Matryoshka bento box.  Bento & Co
Dog snack cup.  Dollar Tree
Matryoshka bento pick.  Akazuki
Small decoration cutters.  Bento USA
Paring knife.
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  1. My daughter had a Matryoshka theme party for her 6th birthday! I have been wanting to make a Matryoshka bento for awhile now. Your is absolutely adorable!

  2. Adorable! I love the pasta face and black olive hair!

  3. omg! your pasta bento is awesome!!!

  4. I'm loving your Matryoshka Theme. Bento & Co must have made a mistake. I've seen the rest of the entrees, and I'm also wondering why you didn't make it. Judges seemed to be so traditional.

  5. These are so pretty!

  6. That's fantastic! How on earth did you not make the cut? I demand a recount

  7. These are so very adorable!! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday :D


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