11 September 2012

Dinosaur Love

I have been wanting to use my dinosaur sandwich cutter for some time now.  Tonight I finally made myself use it.  I wanted put a girly spin on it, and that it was I added the hearts.

Top Box:  Dinosaurs are peanut butter on a whole wheat pita.

Bottom Box: Left - Lemon chicken soup in heart cup, black olives, heart toast.
                     Right - Carrot dinosaur foot print in the raspberry mud.

What I used to make this.
Clic - Tite container.  Marshalls.  $$

Silicone cups.  Daiso Japan. $

Plastic heart cutter.  Daiso Japan. $

Dinosaur sandwich cutter.  Home Goods. $$

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  1. great lunch! I like your idea of using carrots as a dino footprint. I'm glad you shared it for Fancy Sandwich Friday :)


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