What is bento?

A bento is simply a meal packed in a box.  It originates from Japan.  The Japanese terms charaben or kyaraben refer to making food look like characters.  The term bento has morphed more into meaning a themed character type lunch.  My definition of bento is packing cute food in a box.

Why do I make bento?

1. Because it is fun!  It is fun for everyone involved.  Since I have to pack lunches anyway it may as well be fun for me too.  It does take a little more time and effort but I think it is worth it.  Making bento lunches has become a creative outlet and hobby for me and the end result is fun lunches for the kids.  My kids love to see what I am making for their lunches and they are eager to lend a helping hand. 

2.  It encourages healthy eating.  Did you ever wonder why candy and cupcakes are colored so pretty and shaped like kids' favorite cartoons?   Because it makes them more enticing to kids.  Why not make healthy food fun?  Making healthy food fun and cute encourages kids to try things they normally would not.

3.  It is Eco-friendly.  No trash = a happy Earth.  All of my bento boxes and accessories are 100% reusable!

4.  You get to collect fun bento gear.  This may not be at the top of everyone's list but shopping for bento gear is fun too.  Especially if you have a small hoarding tendency :-)

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