Here are a few of my favorite bento lunches that I have made and some fun behind the scene stories about that particular lunch.  For further details on a particular lunch just click on the photo to be redirected to that lunch's original post.

This matryoshka bento was made for the annual Bento & Co contest.  The challenge that year was to incorporate pasta as the main compnent of the bento.  I think it turned out great but sadly I was not selected as a finalist.

This was a fun little lunch to go along with my daughter's visit to the dentist.  The toothbrush is my favorite part of this lunch.

Lunch for the first day of pre-k 4.  I loved how the pencil turned out and could not resist putting my watermark on it where the brand of the pencil is normally printed.  I added a "2" at the top because we all know that school requires #2 pencils.  I ended up entering this lunch into the La Tortilla edible art contest and was chosen as a finalist.

This lunch is one of my very favorites <3.  It was made late one night, when I had very little food in the house.  It was one of those "bento magic" lunches and just evolved on its own while I was packing it.  I am very fond of the "Poohcaroni and cheese".

I made this lunch because my daughter had been enjoying playing Ms Pac-Man at our local pizza joint. Ironically, the very next time we visited the pizza place after posting this lunch the video game had been moved out and replaced with additional seating :(

This lunch was my very first angry birds lunch.  I love the CuteZcute pig and the hard boiled egg bird.

This lunch was part of a BBF blog hop.  I was so desperate to get a good picture of it that I ran outside early in the morning while it was snowing.  I perched myself under the tree to protect the lunch from the snow and starting taking pictures.  You can see some evidence of the snow in the photo.  There are little white specs on the witch and the tornado.

This is my very favorite muffin tin meal.  I made this brunch the night before so that all I would have to do in the morning was warm the egg sandwich and the pancakes.  The next morning when the kids woke up I popped the sandwich and pancakes in the toaster oven.  Guess what, I forgot there was a bow pick in the pancake groundhog!  Ahhhh!!  After smelling something burning, I opened the toaster oven and was able to salvage that bow pick.  One side of the bow pick ended up getting bubbled but the other side still looks pretty good.

My little boy loves Monster Trucks so I made this bento for him for dinner one night.  He was thrilled to eat it.  This bento was also my entry for the 2014 Bento & Co contest.  The checkered flag pick was from my son's birthday cake that I had saved "just in case".

A Presidential election day lunch.  May as well have a celebratory lunch as this day only comes once every four years.  I wanted to be bipartisan and represent both political parties in this lunch.

I love the vibrant colors of this flower garden bento.  I had just received some awesome new cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma and promptly broke them in.

The Grand Canyon bento was made as a thank you for one of my co-workers.  She is an avid hiker and has hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim on more than one occasion.

This may be my all time favorite bento lunch.  I loved how the "love it, love it not" stamped petals turned out.  This lunch brings back childhood memories for me and also it is one of the rare bento lunches that I made for myself ! :-D

*last updated 1/3/16

Favorite Lunches by Year

At the end of the year I do a recap post of some favorite lunches of that year.  These posts list the best bentos from that particular year.  Some of them appear on this page but there is simply not enough room here to share them all.  You can click on the years below to see more.

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