08 December 2015

Elf & Mrs. Santa Claus Bentos

With the change of the calendar to December a little elf friend came back for a visit to our house again.  My kids eagerly run around the house every morning looking for him.  This week two elves made an appearance in my son's lunch.

In this bento:  PB&J elf shaped sandwich, yellow sunburst tomatoes, green grapes, Christmas shaped pretzels, and a Babybel cheese with a candy cane shape carved out of the wax.

And Mrs. Santa Claus made an appearance in my daughter's Yumbox.

In this bento:  green grapes, blackberries, Christmas tree shaped cucumbers, Christmas shaped pretzels,  perline pasta, and a peppermint.

Items used today:

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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