31 December 2015

Best of 2015

The new year is almost here.  Happy 2016 everyone!  It's time to look back and reminisce on some of my favorite lunches from this year.  I picked my favorite bento from each month to share with you.  And, well, since it is 2015 I needed 15 lunches to share so the last three lunches were picked by popularity via my blog statistics.  For complete details of the bento lunch click the title to be re-directed to the original post.  Let the countdown begin!


Why?  Because I love that cheese ticket!


Peanuts themed bentos always turn into favorites around here.


I love how all the colors work together in this fun pumpkin lunch.


A really easy but super fun to eat lunch.  And look at that cute fork!


August brought a very exciting time for me.  My book - Happy Bento! was published.


We love Shark Week and this was one of my son's favorite lunches of the year!


I made this one for the 2015 Bento & Co bento contest.


I made cute little Baby Groot as a mock up bento for the MomoCon bento workshop.  I was a pannelist at the workshop this year, so much fun!


I picked this one because I love those vibrant Earth Day-ish sprinkles on the banana & vanilla wafer sandwich cookies.


I picked this one because I love the photo of the bento laying on the cover of the book.


I made this lunch for the Lunar New Year.  I also entered it into Bento USA's cute character contest this year and came in 5th place.


It's the Super Bowl!  What more can I say?!

Most popular posts of 2015

In third place - baseball onigiri bento

In second place - Baymax onigiri bento 
I can't argue with statistics, this bento is also one of my own personal favorites.

In first place - Star Wars
This bento quickly rose to the top because of all the Star Wars excitement this year.

Looking forward to what 2016 will bring :)

Happy New Year!

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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