12 October 2015

Zombie Boy & Girl Sandwich Lunches

Michael's craft store has some fun Halloween things this year.  I stopped by last week and picked up a zombie boy & zombie girl cookie cutter as well as a pack of super cool skeleton hand toppers.  I put them all to use the following day and made these zombie lunches.

In this bento:  PB&J zombie boy sandwich, baby carrots, ranch dressing, red grapes, grape tomatoes, and a mutant peanut butter cup.

What are mutant peanut butter cups, you ask?  My mother-in-law included a container of Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups in a package that she sent to us. By the time they landed at our front door they had melted causing them to morph into mutant peanut butter cups.  Perfect for these zombie lunches!

In this bento:  salami and pepperoni zombie girl sandwich (I was too lazy to cut the salami flush with the bread), orange pepper rings, another mutant peanut butter cup, red grapes, and cheese crackers.

This lunch is photographed on top of our monster mash Funkin, which was packed up and sent off to school with the lunch.

If you follow my blog, then you know that my daughter has refused to eat sandwiches for a while.  Last week she informed that she will indeed eat a sandwich but only if it is a plain salami and pepperoni sandwich.  Well, ok then!  I quickly took her up on this offer before she changed her mind :D

Items used today:

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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  1. I am so jealous! I wanted to buy these cutters at Michales, but my kid was with me and was adamantly anti-zombie that day! Love these!

  2. *Michael's, oops! I can't edit my comment!


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