02 October 2015

Small Nod to Halloween

Hey, it's October now.  Time to start making some spooky lunches.  Yay!  Today we are starting out with just a little touch of Halloween in our PlanetBox shuttles.  Again, we have almost identical lunches.  Woo-hoo!

In my daughter's lunch:  cantaloupe balls decorated with a leaf pick, jack-o-lantern shaped cookies, and a breakfast sandwich - fried egg, bacon, & cheese on an English muffin.

In my son's lunch:  baby carrots, jack-o-lantern shaped cookies, ranch dressing for dipping the carrots in the yellow container, and the same breakfast sandwich as his sister.

I used our new PlanetBox pods in these lunches.  They are made to fit perfectly in the PlanetBox shuttle.  The top of the pod meets the lid when it is closed so that nothing can fall out of it.

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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