09 October 2015

Ghost Lunches

Boo-tiful ghostly lunches 

Time for some full-blown Halloween themed bento lunches.  We are kicking off with two ghost lunches.  The first one is packed up in a new bento box, the Thinksport GO2 lunchbox - a stainless steel lunchbox with a plastic leak-proof lid.

In this bento:  PB&J ghost sandwich with candy eyes, maple yogurt with Halloween sprinkles, and pear slices.   I found the ghost cutter in the Halloween section of Walmart.  The set comes with the ghost plus smaller cutters for dressing him up - mouth, eyes, mustache, bow, etc.

In this bento:  meatballs cantaloupe balls, pumpkin cookies, big Cheez-its, and white baby carrots.  This lunch is packed in a two tier bento box that I picked up at Target a couple years ago.

Items used today:

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!

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  1. Very cute! Love the different shapes in the new thinksport box!

    1. Thank you! It is a fun box for a change of pace, but it is on the large side.


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