30 September 2015

Fall themed PlanetBoxes

We are officially one week into fall!  It's time for a fall themed lunch.  These lunches are a spin off from the fall lunch in my book Happy Bento!  Today's lunches are almost identical with just a couple of things swapped out for taste preferences.

In this bento:  Steamed broccoli, grape tomatoes, fruit salad (strawberries, green grapes, and leaf shaped cantaloupe), blueberry pancakes, cheese sauce for dipping in the small red container, & syrup for the pancakes.

As you can see, the second lunch is pretty much the same.  The differences are plain pancakes instead of blueberry pancakes and a cheese stick (cut in half) instead of cheese dipping sauce.

One day I will get both of my kids to eat the same exact lunch!!

Items used today:

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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