28 August 2015


Today, I am here to show you how quick and easy bento can be.  All you need is a couple of inexpensive items.  I packed this lunch into a bento box that I bought at Daiso Japan for $1.50.  I also used a dinosaur sandwich cutter that was bought at the Dollar Tree for $1.  That's it!  I placed all the food to be packed into the bento box on a plate for a reference for everyone to see.  A statement that is often made in the comments of bento lunches is, "that does not look like very much food".  But, as you can see in the plated photo there is plenty of food for a young child.  The sandwich is a plain turkey sandwich.  Assemble the sandwich with whatever fillings your child likes best.  Then whip out your awesome $1 dinosaur sandwich cutter.  Place the cutter on top of the sandwich push down and twist from side to side till the cutter cuts through the entire sandwich.  Now you have two dinosaurs.  Stack the dinosaur sandwiches on top of each other and place into the bento box.  I used the sandwiches to section off the bento.  On the left side of the dino I added the green grapes and tucked in the Babybel cheese.  On the right side I packed the veggies - mini sweet pepper and grape tomatoes.  And just like that 1-2-3-Bento! If you are looking for more tips on how to make quick bentos click here.

For more bento-style lunch ideas check out my book Happy Bento!
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  1. Love this! Brilliant way to show not only how quick and easy Bento can be but the amount of food as well! It does look like a lot when it's played up!


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