09 July 2015

Shark Week

Hey, it's Shark Week on the Discovery channel.  The series is airing a little earlier than usual this year.  We made it back from our beach holiday and now we are kicking back and relaxing while watching the shark shows.

As I have mentioned before, my son loves sharks.  He visited a small aquarium on our 4th of July getaway.  He was able to touch the shark replica in front of the building.  Notice that he is also wearing shark swim trunks ;)  

His Shark Week Bento.

In this bento:  Shark bitten surfboard shaped ham & cheese sandwich, ranch dressing in the blue cup (dip for the veggies), surfboard shaped tortilla chips with "shark week" written on the top chip with food markers, a dark chocolate peanut butter cup, baby carrots, yellow pepper shark, and black grapes.

I thought it was fitting to pack this Shark Week bento up in our shark PlanetBox.  The shark design PlanetBox was sold at Pottery Barn Kids a couple of years ago.

Here is what was remaining after my little shark gobbled up his lunch.

For more Shark themed bentos click here.

Items used today:

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