15 July 2015

Bistro Box Lunches for Day Camp

Starbucks introduced the "bistro box" in 2011.  I often wonder where specific terminology comes from.  When I googled the term bistro box the results returned the Starbucks menu and the definition of the term "bistro".  Wikipedia defines bistro as a small Parisian restaurant that serves simple meals.  It appears that Starbucks went with the "simple meal" portion of the definition.  Since they package this "simple meal" in a disposable box thus the bistro box?!  OR the Starbuck marketers just thought the term "bistro box" was catchy.  Here's a little secret, a bistro box is the same as a bento (a meal packed in a box).  Here are a few "bistro box lunches" that I have made for day camp this summer.  By the way, it is waaaaayyyyyyy cheaper to make your own bistro box!  Save some money and plan ahead with a simple homemade bistro box.

Protein Bistro Box - Nectarine slices, blueberries, rolled up turkey deli meat, Babybel with a heart cut out of the wax, crinkle cut purple carrots, and an oatmeal cookie Clif Kid Z-bar.  This lunch is packed in a LunchBots trio.

Gluten-free Bistro Box - Grape tomatoes, cut up cheese burger, sweet peppers, and watermelon chunks packed in our PlanetBox Shuttle.

Pasta Bistro Box - Strawberry slices, cheese curds, ranch dressing in the rainbow container, steamed broccoli, and Trader Joe's perline pasta all packed up in our bus bento box.

Cheese, Fruit, & Veggie Bistro Box - Crinkle cut yellow & orange carrots, cherry tomatoes, ranch dressing, raspberries, blueberries, Babybel cheese, mini cheese sandwich crackers, and a package of Annie's fruit snacks.  This lunch is packed up in our NEW 6 compartment Yumbox.  A full review of this Yumbox coming soon!

Pinwheels Bistro Box - Raspberries mixed with chocolate chips, cow crackers, roast beef pinwheels, mini sweet pepper, and a package of Annie's fruit snacks.  This lunch is packed up in a Monbento Tresor.

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