04 May 2015

Star Wars Bento

Hey, it is May 4th!  Today is Star Wars Day, a geeky day to celebrate all things Star Wars! May the fourth be with you!

In this bento:  Ewok shaped ham sandwich on top of a forest of sugar snap peas, C3PO cantaloupe on top of sliced strawberries, baby carrots decorated with a storm trooper cupcake ring, and green grapes decorated with a red lightsaber cupcake pick.

I used my panda cutter set to make the Ewok sandwich.  I cut the dark parts of the Ewok from the heel of the wheat bread.  The rest of the sandwich was cut from a regular slice of wheat bread.  The different pieces are attached to the top slice of bread with cream cheese.  

To make C3PO, I used my C3PO gingerbread cookie cutter from this set to stamp on to a slice of cantaloupe.  I cut off the bottom bit, then placed on top of the sliced strawberries.

See more Star Wars themed bentos here.

Items used today:
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