21 May 2015

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day has come to America.  The official event in the US is being held on May 21st.  What is it?  Basically, a day to raise money for impoverished children through fun comedy.  We, of course, decided to show our support with a bento lunch.  Scroll on down  and you will see a picture of me sporting the official Red Nose Day red nose!

In this bento:  Strawberries, cantaloupe balls, star crackers (under the sandwich), and a peanut butter & jelly boy sandwich with a red nose!

This lunch is packed up in our mushroom shaped bento box.

Items used today:

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  1. So funny! We had the same idea! http://greenlunchesgreenkids.com/2015/05/red-nose-day-lunches/ That Bread Head cutter was perfect for Red Nose Day lunches!

    1. Yes, the Bread head cutter is a great fit for Red Nose Day! Off to visit your post now :)


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