28 May 2015

King Candy Bento

King Candy from Wreck it Ralph.  Another bento made for MomoCon.  We will be making King Candy in Sunday's workshop - crafting a villain.  Looking forward to all the fun events at MomoCon this weekend.  Next stop Atlanta!

In this bento:  King Candy sandwich (for full details see below), rocket shaped cheese crackers, a piece of peppermint stick, and Rainier cherries.

The King Candy sandwich is ham on white bread.  He is decorated with cheddar cheese (crown and shirt bottom, jack cheese (eyes, collar, and shirt), red pepper (bow tie), blue corn chip (hair and eye brows), ham (eyelids and nose), and nori (mouth).  The details on the shirt and collar are drawn on with gel food coloring.  I used a toothpick to apply the food coloring.  Most of the parts were free hand cut with a paring knife except for the circle parts, I used a small circle cutter for those.  

Items used today:
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