25 May 2015

Introducing my book: Happy Bento!

Hello everybody!  I am so happy to share some exciting news with you.  Over this past year, I have been busily writing a bento book.  The book is now complete and was sent off to the printing press last week.  Introducing my new baby, Happy Bento!  Lunches on the go, coming soon to a book store near you.

The last time I physically held the book, it was on a USB drive :)  Things have come a long way since then.  The next time I hold my book it will be, well, an actual book!

This book is full of lunch packing inspiration.  Lots of entrée ideas for bentos.  Step by step written directions with photo tutorials of different techniques along the way.  Themed lunch ideas for almost any occasion.  Plus, tips on shopping for bento boxes and supplies.

Happy Bento! is scheduled to be released on August 11th, just in time for back to school.  Pre-order on Amazon to reserve your copy.

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