19 May 2015

How-to: Disposable Bento Lunch

The Kindergarten classes had a field trip on Monday.  The kids were asked to bring a disposable lunch.  Disposable lunches are such a hot topic.  People ask a lot of questions about them.  So, I thought I would put together a little tutorial for all of you.  There is a slide show at the bottom of the post :)

You will need a few supplies.  A disposable container of some sort, decorative print napkins, and cupcake liners.  I used a clam shell take-away container from a restaurant we ate at a couple weeks ago.  I knew the field trip was coming up, so I planned ahead.  Just wash the container after you eat your leftovers and store until you need to use it.  Berry containers are also great to use for this.  Last time I packed a disposable lunch, I used a strawberry container.

Next, pick a napkin.  Any napkin will work, I chose the surf board ones because:  1. I had them on hand, 2. they are brightly colored, 3. It's almost summer break.  

Then, find some paper cupcake liners.  I just happen to have these colorful cupcake liners that go nicely with the napkins.  These were leftover from my son's birthday party.

Completely unfold the napkin and center it on the bottom.  Divide the container into sections just as you would a bento box.  I started by placing the fruit cup (large & heavy item) into the container first.  Then I added the Z Bar below the fruit cup.  Next, I placed the paper cupcake liners in the empty areas.  I turned the cupcake liner inside out before I added the food, just to add a splash of color.  Add your other items - I packed pretzels and crinkle cut purple carrots.

Fold the napkin in around the edges.  Add any disposable utensils if needed.

Place a sandwich on top.  The sandwich part is tricky at my house.  My daughter is in a non-sandwich phase right now.  She likes and will eat grilled cheese because apparently in her mind that is not a sandwich.  Since on Monday morning the waffle iron was already out and hot, I grilled her (non) sandwich on the waffle iron just to make my morning a little easier.  Plus, it does make the sandwich more interesting to look at.

How to make a waffle iron grilled cheese:  

   1. butter the outside of the bread 
   2. add your choice of cheese to the inside
   3. place inside the waffle maker
   4. let the lid close slowly on it's own (don't force it closed) 
   5. wait about 3-4 minutes, your sandwich is ready

*Be sure to let the sandwich cool completely before placing inside your box.  The sandwich will not be warm at lunch time but it will be crunchy.  A grilled cheese sandwich is ideal for a disposable lunch since it is better to not pack it with an ice pack (that is how it stays crunchy).  Just be sure to pack with other foods that stay safe at room temperature.

Place another napkin in the top of the box then close the lid.   I don't usually have brown paper bags around the house.  But, we just bought bagels at the local bagel shop the day prior to the field trip.  We recycled and used the brown paper bag that our bagels came home in.  I placed disposable bento lunch and a bottle of water into the bag.  Now we have a completed disposable bento lunch for our field trip.

I told my daughter to look for a recycling bin and if she saw one to place all the plastic items from her lunch inside it.

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  1. Brilliant how-to! Pinned and thank you for joining What Kids Eat Wednesday's! The party is going again until Sunday :D


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