01 April 2015

April Fool's Day

Does this panda bento look delicious??  Well, actually it was but in a different way.  This is not actually a bento lunch but a candy kit that you can make to look like a bento.  I received the Popin' Cookin' bento kit for Christmas and the kids and myself made it while they were home over the Christmas holiday.  I thought it would make for a fun April Fool's Day post :)  My kids did eat this bento.  They shared it and enjoyed tasting the different candies that we made.  I was too chicken to try it.

Since all the directions are written in Japanese I turned to YouTube for a little help.  I only had one kit and I wanted to be sure we did not mess anything up.  Since I have a million bento boxes, I found a small one in my stash that worked quite well for the candy bento kit.  It turned out better than I expected!!

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