02 March 2015

The Lorax

Today is Read Across America Day which is also Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  We missed out on a Seuss themed lunch today because of a snow day but both of my kids' schools are celebrating Dr. Seuss all week long.  I decided to make the Lorax because we just watched the movie on Sunday.

In this bento:  Lorax sandwich made with ham, bread, American cheese, monterey jack cheese, and candy eyes.  All the details were free hand cut with a paring knife and are attached to the sandwich with cream cheese.  Truffula trees are made from crunch berries (from Captain Crunch cereal) and toothpicks - the toothpicks were just for the photo so you could see what I was going for ;)  Next we have the orange tuft tops of the Truffula trees that are about to be knitted into a Thneed.  Applesauce with flower sprinkles and grape tomatoes complete this lunch.

Items used today:

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