03 March 2015

The Cat in the Hat

My daughter's school has had snow days all week and tomorrow will be her first day of Dr. Seuss week.  She requested a "make your own" pizza lunch.  I kind of cheated to make this lunch into a Cat in the Hat theme.  The cheat was using a Cat in the Hat sticker.  To add some Seuss-ness to this lunch, I covered a Cat in the Hat sticker with plastic tape and laid it on top of the English muffin.  Instant theme-y cuteness :)

In this bento:  Whole wheat English muffin cut in half, strawberry and banana slices for the cat's hat, pasta sauce with mozzarella cheese "Seuss" on top, shredded cheese, pepperoni, and olive slices.

My son's preschool always has pizza day on Wednesdays and I pack some sides in a snack box  for him.  I cheated with this one by using a Cat in the Hat box.  The box was bought a Target 2 years ago.

In this box:  Strawberries, yogurt covered star cookies, cow cheese crackers, and grape tomatoes.

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