05 February 2015

Make your own bento

Last Friday morning I was tired and did not feel like packing lunch.  Still the kids needed a lunch to take to school.  Since we have a little bit of extra time on Friday mornings I decided Fridays are a great day for my kids to pack their own bento.  My almost 6 year old had free reign to pick her food from the refrigerator and use whatever bento tools she wished.  My 3 year old still needed some assistance so I let him pick out what he wanted from the options I presented to him.  He picked Spiderman decorations.  So let's see what they packed.

My daughter took the challenge very seriously and worked really hard on her lunch - A bird lunch.

In this bento:  strawberry (bird head) with nori eyes and a yellow pepper beak.  The body of the bird is made out of homemade hash browns.  His feet are deli turkey and the feathers are mini red peppers.  She also picked a small pear cut in half with the seeds scooped out with the melon baller.  The pair is embellished with an ice skate cupcake ring.  For dessert she packed a Mexican pastry which she cut with a circle cookie cutter so it would fit into the small compartment then decorated it with jewel picks.

My son's bento (with mom's help) - Spiderman.

In this bento:  sliced strawberries, small pear cut in half with seeds scooped out, green grapes, grape tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, cheese stick and rolled up turkey deli meat.

Kudos to both of my kids they did an awesome job and they thoroughly enjoyed making their own bentos!  :D

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