01 December 2014

Today's lunches

Hi everyone!  We got back yesterday evening from our Thanksgiving holiday and there was not much in the house (besides what we brought back with us) to be used for packing two kids' lunches.  I managed to scrounge a few things to throw into our lunch boxes though.

In this bento:  Trader Joe's chicken cilantro min wontons (from the freezer stash), pear chunks (I had bought a couple of pears that were not ripe yet before we left),  butter popcorn (scraped from the bottom of the barrel), yogurt covered star cookies, baby carrots, and baby corn.

While away on holiday we went down to little Tokyo to eat at a noodle house and while we were waiting for our table we went to a few nearby shops.  I came across the house bento box that I have had my eye on at BentoUSA.com and I ended up buying it because you know I just don't have enough bento boxes yet!!!!  It is always exciting to find bento boxes & supplies when you are out and about.

Packed up in the house bento box:  Bagel with cream cheese, Cheez-Its, yogurt covered star cookies, baby carrots, pear chunks, and baby corn.

Items used today:
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