18 December 2014

Christmas Bentos with Quail Eggs

I have been in pursuit of quail eggs for quite some time.  They always look so adorable in traditional charaben bentos.  I was able to find some canned quail eggs at an Asian store I stopped at while we were away for Thanksgiving.  I bought some for us to try and last night we finally took the plunge and opened the can and introduced them to the kids as "baby eggs"  Without hesitation they tried them and loved them.  Hurray!  Now I have the green light to use them in bentos.  Presenting my first quail egg bentos :D

Christmas Snowman

In this bento:  Festive colored cheese tortellini,  raspberries in a Christmas tree shaped silicone cup, baby corn, carrot sticks, and a quail egg snowman.  The snowman is decorated with black sesame seeds, small piece of carrot, and a top hat pick.

Christmas Presents

In this bento: quail egg presents (I sacrificed a tortellini to make the ribbon and topped the eggs off with a bow pick), holiday shaped pretzels, peanut butter and jelly Christmas bulb sandwiches (stacked on top of each other), and raspberries.

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  1. The quail egg presents are beautiful! Clever use of tortellini.


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