04 November 2014


Today is election day.  Get out to the polls and vote!  

In this bento:  Striped apple, baby carrots under the apple, blackberries, yogurt covered star cookies, pizza rollups (pizza sauce, oregano, pepperoni, and a star shaped cheese stick wrapped up in the middle), and another apple chunk with "vote" carved into it.

I pressed the letter cutters into the apple to score it, then used the paring knife to remove the letter sections.  For the striped apple I used a large knife to score lines across the apple, then removed every other stripe with my paring knife.  I brushed lemon juice over the carved areas to keep the apple from browning.

Items used today:

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  1. Love this patriotic bento!

  2. This looks fab, I love it! especially the pizza roll-ups, the little stars are so cute!
    Thank you for linking up to #FunFoodFriday!


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