31 October 2014

Witch Chicken Fingers

Today there is a Halloween potluck party at my son's preschool.  After much deliberation I decided to make chicken fingers.  I made these a few years ago and packed them in a bento.  I thought they would be fun and spooky for the three year olds.  Plus you get to dip them in something, what three year old doesn't like that?!

I used this baked chicken nugget recipe.  I modified the process a little since I baked them in my witch fingers pan versus using a cookie cutter.  To make the fingers:  brush finger section of pan with oil, sprinkle small amount of bread crumb mixture in cavity, press chicken mixture into finger section, then sprinkle the backside with the bread crumb mixture.  After sprinkling the back of the chicken firmly press the chicken into the mold.  Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes, pop the chicken out and repeat.

I bought these little cauldrons from Target (they were in the dollar spot) and thought they were perfect for using as the dipping container.  Squirt desired condiment in the bottom and top off with three chicken fingers.  Perfect "finger" food for the preschooler.

I just finished all of them this morning and now I am off to the party.  Maybe some of you can use this idea for a Halloween party this weekend, but all of you can pin it for next year.

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