19 October 2014

Pumpkin Bentos

Last week was a short school week due to fall break, now we are back to regular schedule and I have two packed lunches to share with you today.   We visited the pumpkin patch on Saturday, so pumpkin themed bentos for the kids it is.  First up is pumpkin pizza.  Not literally!  It's a make your own pizza on pumpkin shaped pita bread lunch.

In this bento:  Crinkle cut purple carrots, tomato sauce with a sprinkle of oregano, black olives, pumpkin shaped pepperoni, a strawberry, shredded cheese, and pumpkin shaped pita bread.

Next is the Jack-o-lantern and spiders bento for my boy.

In this bento:  Ham & cheese jack-o-lantern sandwich, apple slices, Cheez-Its, and crinkle cut purple carrots.

The jack-o-lantern sandwich cutter I found at Walmart last year.

Items used today:
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