03 October 2014

Pizza & Ladybugs - Leftovers on Fridays

Leftover pizza for this Friday's bento lunch with some fun ladybugs thrown in for the cute factor.

In this bento:  Mushroom pizza, green grapes, and snap peas in the ladybug cup.

The ladybug cup is sold in the UK and Australia.  It was sent to me by a fellow bento blogger friend.  Here is a product link so you can see them and if you live in Australia you can buy them through that website.

Items used today:

 Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.

*Due to recent busyness with life and a decrease in participation, I will be retiring the Leftovers on Fridays linky.*

Leftovers on Fridays


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