27 October 2014

Mummy & Black Cat Bentos

A couple more Halloween themed bento lunches coming up.  First one up is my boy's mummy lunch. I quite like this one - easy & cute!

In this bento:  Ham, pita crackers, cheese stick, strawberries, and a rice krispies treat.  This bento is photoed on top of a Halloween Funkin.  Sadly, my son was not allowed to eat the rice krispies treat at school because the teacher thought it was candy, but no worries as he got to enjoy it as soon as he got home from preschool :)

The next one is a black cat burrito lunch for my daughter.   Simple & spooky!

In this bento:  Crinkle cut carrots, apple slices, and a bean and cheese burrito (cut into two pieces).

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