29 October 2014


Welcome to the annual Bento Bloggers & Friends Halloween Hop.  Follow the hop to see all the fun, yet spooky bento lunches.  This year I choose to do a Frankenstein themed lunch for our hop.

In this PlanetBox:  Cheez-Its accented with Frankenstein's screw,  grave dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), ghost yogurt covered raisins, Frankenstein peanut butter and cocoa almond butter sandwich, and strawberries with stitches.  The plastic screw and stitches are from a Frankenstein pumpkin decorating kit that I bought from Dollar Tree last year.

Frankenstein sandwich close up.

Now hop on over to Little Miss Bento and see what Halloween fun Shirley has cooked up!

Have a safe & happy Halloween!

Items used today:

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