30 September 2014

Snack Bentos

Every Wednesday is pizza day at my son's preschool.  So once a week he gets to enjoy a warm lunch.  He orders one piece of pizza and takes a snack to go along with it.  Today I am posting a roundup of his snacks.

Frog snack:  Carrot muffin, green grapes, yogurt covered raisins, and a grape tomato.  The frog container is from World Market.

Bunny snack:  Halved red cherries, Annie's cheddar bunnies, red pepper rings, and yogurt covered star cookies.  This snack is packed up in our Deer bento box.

Dragon fruit snack:  Magenta dragon fruit chunks, yellow pepper sticks, and red cherries - packed up in one of our Sanrio "The Runabouts" nesting boxes.


Car snack:  Fresh pineapple chunks and red pepper rings.  Packed up in a car shaped snack box (unfortunately not sold in the US) and one of our working car snack boxes.

Crayola tin snack:  Red and yellow pepper rings, Spiderman Cheez-Its, and chocolate chip stuffed raspberries.  This snack is packed up in our small Crayola crayon storage tin (see below).

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