14 September 2014

Road Construction

This bento was inspired by the bagel which, to me, looked like a graveled road.  I added a couple of picks and a "stop" sign and voilà we have a road construction themed bento.

In this bento:  "The road" is a cheese and red pepper bagel with cream cheese inside, salami, a Babybel cheese "stop sign", plums, red pepper, and baby carrots.  Dump truck and caution cone picks were added to finish up the road construction theme.

The bento box is a Circo robot lunchbox from Target.  The caution cone came with one of my son's toy trucks.  The truck came with several road signs and the caution cone.  I bought the set at the Dollar Tree.  I glued a plastic pick to the caution cone and now it is a bento pick :)

Items used today:

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