24 August 2014

Purple Corn Tortilla and Ham Roll-ups Bento

I found purple corn tortillas on my last shopping trip at Sprouts.  I bought them hoping they will be a good replacement for the blue corn tortillas we liked that I can no longer find anywhere :-/  Why does that always happen?!  You find something you really like then poof........they stop making it!  These tortillas seem to work well as a replacement for now.  I am fond of how colorful they look in a bento.

In this bento:  Watermelon squares, cucumber slices, yogurt star cookies, and purple corn tortilla and ham roll-ups.

Items used today:

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  1. What is Bento and where did you get the yogurt star cookies? This is awesome!!

    1. Hi Barbie, bento started in Japan and basically is a meal packed in a box. For more information visit my page http://becomingabentoholic.com/p/why-i-bento.html
      The yogurt star cookies are from Trader Joe's. Thanks for stopping by.


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