03 August 2014

Movie Night Meals

During the summer months our downtown hosts a movie night for the kids on Saturdays.  This past Saturday the Lego movie was playing and my kids were super excited to watch it.  I wanted to surprise them with a matching meal.  However, thing don't always go as planned.  As soon as we left our house it started pouring down rain :(  On to plan B!  We stopped by a Red Box and rented the Lego movie and returned home.  The kids got to watch the movie and enjoy their meals just the same.

My girl's movie bento:  Meatball sub, cheez-its in the green Lego, cucumbers, green grapes, and Lego shaped candy.

My boy's movie bento:  Meatball sub, cheez-its (he insisted on having the Spider Man ones) in the yellow Lego, carrots, green grapes, and Lego shaped candy.

Items used today:
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