21 August 2014

Hard-Boiled Egg Bentos

Hard-boiled egg bentos for Friday's lunches.

In this bento:  Car shaped carrots, champagne grapes, car shaped hard-boiled egg (cut in half), lemon yogurt with a mini rocket cutter to add some decorations, and rocket cheese crackers.  All packed up in our Tomica fire truck bento box.

In this bento:  Rice crackers, carrot sticks, Hello Kitty hard-boiled egg, cherries, and champagne grapes.  The egg was not quite large enough for my egg mold but it mostly came out - minus the ears.

My daughter's school has a half day every Friday and I have been packing a "snack lunch" on Fridays.

Items used today:



  1. Hi there! I just found your blog on Pinterest (bless that place!) and I love it! So much inspiration! :) Just wondering if you find that the eggs stink up the lunch box? My son's teachers aren't so happy to get a nice stench of eggs hanging around at lunch time..

    1. Hi Ciwi - there is definitely a little egg smell but I have never found it overwhelming and my kids have never complained. Thanks for stopping by :)


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