18 August 2014

Today I am sharing five tips for sprucing up your back to school lunches.  I have listed the tips from easiest to more difficult.  These are things that I do on a daily basis to make cute and fun lunches for my kiddos.

1.  Food picks - easy to use and easy to find.  There are many available.  The ones pictured are cupcake picks.  School themed ones should be easy to find this time of year.  Try your local cake supply shop or the bakery department at your local grocery store.  They may sell you the cupcake picks if you ask.

2. Mini cookie cutters - readily available online and at kitchen stores (you may already have these in your kitchen drawers).  Very easy to use and they add charm in seconds.  Perfect size for school lunches.

3.  Wrap it up.  Turn pre-packaged lunch items into lunch accents.  Quickly wrap the item with paper (wrapping paper, coloring book page, magazine pictures, print outs, etc.) to blend it in with your lunch theme.

4.  Cutters with presses - stamp a cute design on bread, cheese, or fruit.  Perfect for easy and cute school lunches.

5.  Draw!  If you have a little artistic ability put it to use.  Draw on wrappers or use food markers to draw directly on bread or cheese.  This can be as simple or difficult as your ability allows.  Adds extra flare to lunches.

Let's put it all together!

Back to School lunch #1:  Watermelon chunks, Cheez-its, bus shaped turkey sandwich, yellow pepper sticks, apple shaped cucumbers, dolmas, black olives, and a pencil cheese stick.

Back to School lunch #2:  Watermelon chunks, grape tomatoes, yellow peppers, turkey bus sandwiches with cheddar cheese on top, strawberry milk (notebook paper), and a pencil cheese stick.

These lunches were packed in my Laptop Lunches bento boxes.  Bonus tip - use a lunchbox that works well for you and your kids.  I love that the Laptop Lunches box has inner containers that you can reconfigure for more lunch possibilities.

Items used today:
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  1. That's really an awesome work.....Every kids will love it..Nice to see..


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