31 July 2014

Monster Truck

Bento & Co hosted their annual bento contest at the beginning of this month (July).  This year there was a list of very specific ingredients that needed to be used in the bento.  The ingredients were:  potato, tomato, carrot, broccoli, rice, eggs, chicken, plus one ingredient of your choice.  My ingredient of choice was refried beans.  I decided to make a monster truck bento for my littlest.  I must say he was THRILLED to eat this lunch :-D  Although I was not a finalist, I had fun putting my spin on the ingredients and packing the bento with my own unique style.

In the background is scrambled eggs, refried beans "mud",  broccoli,  and chicken nuggets cut in half. The body of the monster truck is mashed purple potatoes with carrot "flame" decoration. The tires are black rice with yellow tomato and carrot rims.  I placed a checkered flag pick in the upper corner for a little more fun and decoration.

I wanted to use the unusual versions of the mandatory ingredients to help make my bento stand out.  To be unique I chose purple potatoes, yellow tomatoes, black rice, and scrambled eggs ;)

Items used today:
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