19 June 2014

Poolside Lunches

Summer is here and I am finding myself packing more lunches than I do when school is in session. Between park visits, day camp, and the pool we have been on the go and it makes life easier, not to mention healthier, to bring packed lunches with us.  Here are some lunches we took to the pool recently.  They are similar but vary a little by personal taste preferences.  All of these lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes and transported in our EasyLunchboxes' lunch tote (you can fit 3 ELBs in one insulated lunch bag).

My girl's lunch:

Mango chunks, butterfly shaped pretzel crisps, plain ham on sourdough half sandwich, and watermelon slices.

Mom's lunch:

Watermelon chunks, Cheez-It's, ham and marbled cheese sandwich with banana peppers inside, and a dill pickle.

The little guy's lunch:

Mango chunks, star shaped cheese crackers, ham and mozzarella cheese on sourdough half sandwich, and watermelon slices

*Unfortunately the jumbo silicone cups that I used in these lunches are no longer available :(

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