16 June 2014

Day Camp Lunches & Snacks - A Roundup

Summer is here and I still have to work, so off to summer day camp my daughter goes.  I have some day camp lunches from various days throughout this past year to share that will hopefully give you some fun ideas for what to pack for camp.  I prefer to pack camp lunches and snacks in my less expensive bento boxes from Target or Daiso Japan just in case they don't return home.

The day camp that we attend requires everyone to bring one lunch and two snacks.  Let's start with today's.

Lunch:  Prosciutto wrapped cheese sticks, pita crackers, cotton candy grapes (seriously amazing!), and baby carrots.

Snack 1:  Chocolate chip bunny grahams with a few regular chocolate chips mixed in for fun.

Snack 2:  Strawberry and apricot slices.

Lunch:  Mini turkey sandwiches with animal faces stamped on the bread, yogurt covered star cookies, plantain chips, and carrot slices.

Snack 1:  Cherries, cucumbers, and apple slices.

Snack 2:  Edamame, blueberries, and crackers.

Lunch:  Elmo shaped ham sandwich, Sesame St cheese crackers, and strawberries.

Snack 1:  Baby carrots and Mandarin oranges.

Snack 2:  S'mores gold fish 

Lunch:  Salami and tortilla roll-ups, pretzels, and orange slices.

Snack 1:  Cheez-Its and a mango coconut chocolate.

Snack 2:  Cucumber and strawberry slices.

The last photo is snacks only.  I could not find the photo of the lunch that went with these snacks. 

Snack 1:  Cinnamon graham crackers and strawberries.

Snack 2:  Cucumbers (the leftover cucumber scraps from cutting out the stars are in the blue cup) and gold fish.

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  1. All of the lunches and snacks looks so fresh and delicious, your gorgeous photos are making me hungry!
    Thank you for linking up to Fun Food Friday!


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