11 May 2014

Simple Bento Week {Lunch #1}

Busy morning?  Running late?  Everyone has "one of those days".  All week I will be sharing easy bento ideas to help get you one step closer to getting out the door.  All bento lunches this week can easily be made in 5-10 minutes.  Today's tip - use a sectioned container (bento box) when in a rush. When I am in a hurry I often find myself reaching for this type of container.  Today I used my two tier Lock & Lock.  Other great sectioned containers I often use are EasyLunchboxes, Lunchbots trio, and PlanetBox.  These lunch boxes come with a "blueprint" which makes lunch packing a breeze.  Toss food into the sections and you're done.

In this bento box:  Baby carrots, jalapeno cilantro hummus and tortilla pin wheels, rocket shaped cheese crackers, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg (sliced), and apple slices.

I am very excited to bring you this mini series of simple bentos.  Personally, I am fond of themed bento lunches and I have a tendency to share those bentos first.  However, the majority of people are interested in bento lunch ideas that are easily replicated and don't take a ton of time.  Trust me, I make plenty of simplistic lunches as well, but most of the time they end up sitting in the "unblogged" folder on my computer.  Now is there time to shine.  I hope you will find some useful ideas and tips here this week.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another quick bento idea!

Items used today:


  1. I'm a big fan of the pinwheels! Cilantro hummus sounds fantastic, and I'm guessing it's homemade. You've got a great bento blog here!

    http://thatumamilife.wordpress.com - a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

    1. It is supper yummy! I have made it a few times, but have not perfected the recipe yet. This hummus is from Pita Jungle and it's so good!


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