28 April 2014

"To Infinity and Beyond"

Bento fun today featuring Buzz Lightyear with a "to infinity and beyond" themed lunch.

In this lunch:  Buzz Lightyear turkey sandwich on top of pretzel crisps, strawberries with alien picks, cucumber slices with a space ship pick, and baby carrots.

The Toy Story alien picks were purchased at Tokyo Disney last year (a friend sent them to me). Unfortunately, I have heard reports that they are no longer available there.  The Buzz Lightyear cookie cutter is from Disney Cakes & Sweets.  If you live in Europe or Australia then you are in luck.  You can have this magazine delivered to your door and every issue comes with a fun little tool.  I scored my copy with Toy Story cookie cutter set on eBay!

While I was watermarking the photo of this bento, I realized that it is the exact same layout as my minion lunch from last week!

Items used today:
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